Building from File

Building an AI Model based on a File

With our new integration in Chat GPT (Open AI), users can build an AI Model just by uploading a file. The bot will crawl over the content of the file and train itself.

Following formats are supported with files: .txt, .csv, .pdf, & .docx

Maximum upload size allowed is 5 MB

  1. Creating an AI Model First, go to ‘AI Studio’ section. After that click on ‘Build an AI Model’ & then select ‘From File’.

  2. Uploading the file To upload the file, users can follow the given steps:

    • Upload the file by clicking on ‘Upload File’.

    • Click on ‘Save’ once the file is uploaded.

    Click on ‘Add File’ to upload multiple files.

  3. Training the model Once the file is uploaded, you can then click on ‘Train’ to train the AI Model.

Email notification will be sent once the AI Model is trained

  1. Connect with the bot Once you have successfully trained the AI Model, you can head back to the Bot Builder to build the bot flow. Use the ‘AI Model’ action block to connect the bot with AI Model.

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