Availability of agents in Human Handover

Agents can now be scheduled to provide customer interaction with maximum efficiency. By defining their availability, businesses are able to ensure that visitors' inquiries and requests will receive accurate responses at ideal times.

Parameters to define availability of agents:

Below are a few parameters that user can configure to define the availability of agents:

  1. Human Handover Switch: Turning this switch on, the system will continue to transfer conversations to agents wherever the Human Handover action block is used. If it is turned off, even though you have used the action block, it will not take place.

  2. Unassigned conversation: It makes sure that the conversation is still available in the “Unassigned” queue so that when agents become available, they can take over the conversation.

Human handover switch will only work if the user has created team members in the system and have used human handover block in the flow

Unchecking unassigned conversations will ensure that the conversation is closed if Human Handover fails due to unavailability of a team

  1. Operational Hours: Users can define operational hours of the agents. This will be ensuring that Human Handover is working only on the selected day & time frame.

    1. Days: The user will be able to select the days i.e., Monday, Tuesday etc., when the agents will be available to speak with the visitors.

    2. Time: The user can select the time frame i.e., for instance user can select time from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM when the agents will be available to speak with the visitors.

Human Handover will fail if any visitor request to speak with the agent outside operational days and hours

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