Collect Input

This is an essential block for businesses that need to understand more about their visitors. With this action, they can ask questions and receive relevant answers in return and not accept any random inputs. This ensures progress through the conversation with valid information gathered from each user. To make sure only accurate information is provided, the Collect Input block comes with a selection of built-in validations that allow you to confirm the validity of input before proceeding any further.


  • Collecting information like name, email, phone.

  • Asking questions.

  • Collecting feedback.

  • Branching the conversation flow based on the input.

Setting up the block:

  1. Let's start by setting up the block:

  2. Search for 'Collect Input' block and select.

  3. Click on 'Collect Input 1' to configure the block.

  4. You can create the questions of your choice, which you want your bot to ask to the visitors when they visit your website.

These variables can be used for replacing values in the conversation flow like β€˜Hello #name#’, how can I help you?

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