Conversation History

The conversation is being brought to life as the live chat screen displays an ongoing dialogue between the visitor and bot / agent, keeping track of every exchange.

The screen is bifurcated into three divisions:

  1. Header

  2. Body

  3. Footer

  1. Owner: It displays the current owner of the conversation. By default, it is the bot, however, if there is no owner assigned, then ‘Unassigned’ is displayed.

  2. Visitor ID: It reflects the unique visitor id assigned by Reply CX to the visitor; however, the same is replaced by the name of the visitor if the same is shared during the conversation.

  3. Copy Chat Transcript: This button allows the users to copy the conversation to the clipboard.

  4. Close Conversation: There is a button ‘Mark Done’ used to address the conversation & move it to the close category.

  5. Transfer conversation: Users do have the ability to transfer the conversation from one agent to another depending upon their availability or requirement. To transfer the conversation, the user can click on the bot & select agent or team mate from the available list.

  6. Show / Hide Contact Panel: Ability to minimize / maximize control panel on click of a button providing extra spaces.


It displays messages that have been exchanged between the visitor and the bot / agent, similar to what is shown in the chat interface.

This area of the screen allows the users to respond back to the visitor’s query or question by either joining the conversation or initiating human handover. Agents can respond back to the visitor via text or media file once the user joins the conversation, the user has the ability to interact with the visitor and share the information as per the visitor’s requirement. User can also reply quickly to the visitor by using saved replies.

Media only supports images. If any other file formats are uploaded, ReplyCX will send the public URL of that file.

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