To make sure you have plenty of time to execute the next step in your outbound flow - use our Delay Action Block, which lets you pause and wait for an allotted length of time.

Delay blocks paired with branch actions can prove a powerful tool when it comes to optimizing message delivery. Through gesture recognition and automated responses, you can ensure that your contacts receive the information they need in an efficient yet engaging manner.

You can add this block either before or after the branch action to determine when a message is sent and read. Doing so will give you greater control over your workflow, allowing for more timely communication.

Functions of Delay Action Block:

Delay can be added before or after an action with following units:

  • Hours

  • Days

This means that the next series of actions will get triggered after X number of days or hours.

For instance, the numeric value here is 5 & option selected is hours; this means that from the next series of actions will be performed after 5 hours from the time the campaign was activated.

Clicking on 'Queue' will navigate you to the contacts tab which highlights the contacts which are waiting to be executed.

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