Google Sheets

With Google Sheets, you can now easily access data collected by the bot and conveniently store it in a format similar to Microsoft Excel.

Setting up Google Sheets:

  1. Add the action block on the canvas by clicking on '+'.

  2. Search for 'Google Sheets' and click on the block to configure it.

  3. Configure the block on the right panel. Click on the 'Google Sheets' action block to open up the configuration panel on the right side of the screen. Configure the integration of 'Google Sheets' action block in the following steps:

    Authorize the account:

    Authorize your Google account and provide all the necessary permissions asked for, so that ReplyCX can push the data to the Google Sheet as soon as it is captured.

  4. Select the sheet.

    All the sheets that are shared with you will be displayed in the dropdown. You need to select the Google Sheets where you would like the chatbot to save the data.

  5. Select the variable:

    Map the variables that you want to dump on the selected Google Sheet.

The header row will always contain the name of the variable

A new row is created on Google Sheets as soon as the data has been captured.

Deleting the column from the Google Sheets will lead to loss of data Deleting of that sheet will result in loss of data

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