Shows a list of choices/items grouped according to categories in a drawer.

This action block serves as a quick method for users to make selections from a list of options. It is commonly employed as a more user-friendly and error-resistant alternative to the 'Option' block.

Setting up the Lists block:

  1. Add an action block on canvas by clicking on ‘+’.

  2. Search for the "List" action block and select it.

Configurations to be done in the action block:

An optional section of the message which can be used for greeting the user or for personalization.


Question-based text message is advised to provide users to provide a clear context when making choices from a list.

An optional section which displays a text at the end of the message in grey colour.

Button name:

At the end of the message, a button will be shown which when clicked will show a list in drawer format. The name of the button can be customized as per choice.

Error message:

Displays an error message to the user in case of selection of an invalid option, click on the "Error message" box and enter desired text to customize the error message. Users have to then retry by entering a valid option.


This is where all the items intended for display in the list are defined. Each item includes the following information that can be entered:

  • Item name

  • Item description

  • Category - List of all categories that are created


Used for grouping of items for easy sorting. Multiple categories can be created in a single block.


Whenever user makes a choice, the value can be stored in a varaible, and can be used in the chat flow later or for future reference.

NOTE: This feature will only work if link tracking is enabled.

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