Send SMS

Send Promotional SMS campaign to a group of prospects/customers etc.

Setting up the block and configuration:

  1. Start by adding the action block on canvas.

  2. Click on Send SMS 1 block to open configuration panel on the right side of the screen.

  3. Before setting up the block, you need to configure the WhatsApp channel. Go to Channel Configurations -> SMS. Click on +SMS Configuration to configure the SMS API then, fill the following details:

  4. After all the configurations are done, go back to your outbound bot to further continue the configuration of the following details:

    1. From: Sender ID / Mobile Number through which the email campaign will be sent.

    2. To: Reply back to the mobile number.

    3. Messages to be sent: Body of the message.

    4. Track links in this message: Enables link tracking on the message.

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