Working of Link Tracking

It is important to track link clicks when you are running campaigns to track the webpage visits and identify the success of your campaigns.

Using the link tracking functionality available in our ‘Business’ plan, ReplyCX will shorten all URLs present in your messages using a third-party tool.

Now let us understand the process to shorten URL and create unique URLs for every visitor.

Step 1: On click of the ‘Deploy’ button, our Deploy API will be called and it will check for all the action blocks where ‘Link Tracking’ is enabled.

Step 2: All the URLs that are to be tracked are sent to for shortening

Step 3: reverts back with the short URL.

  • In case of Inbound bot, the short URL generated will be generic however unique for each visitor.

  • In case of Outbound bot, we generate separate requests for each and each recipient of the campaign. For instance, if there are 5 URLs that need to be sent to 100 recipients, a total of 500 URLs will be generated.

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