Creating loop in the conversational flow

Creating loop in the conversational flow

ReplyCX gives users control over the conversation flow, providing a unique opportunity to go back and adjust selections. No more wrong turns! It's like having your own personal navigator for every chat session - always making sure you're on course.

Use case scenario:

Users can conveniently control the conversation flow with a bot providing support to their visitors. They may ask if their query was resolved, and then based on the response they select, the conversational path will be guided accordingly.

Users can ensure that their visitors have the opportunity to adjust selections if they made a mistake, without needing to start all over. A loop in conversation flow allows users this flexibility and convenience.

Is this supported with a particular action block?

With ReplyCX, creating the conversation loop is possible with all the blocks;

Creating the conversation loop:

It is very easy to create a conversation loop in ReplyCX. Below are the steps that will guide you through the process of creating the same.

  • Decide the “Block / Flow” in the conversation where the user would like to create loop.

  • In order to create the loop, long click on “+” icon of the block from where you want to initiate the loop and drag the node to connect with the block where the loop ends.

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