Break down large flows of chatbot into smaller manageable chunks.

Applications of Flow:

  • Creating smaller manageable flows for each path.

  • Easier navigation between the conversation flow.

  • Easier onboarding of teams to the chatbot.

Setting up the block:

  1. Add an action block on canvas by clicking on ‘+’. Ideally, you should use the sub-flow function where you expect a long flow to come in.

  2. Search for the "Flow" action block and select it.

  3. Enter the flow. Now, to enter this sub-flow, you can either double click on the 'Flow' action block. You can also enter the sub-flow on the action panel and click on 'Enter flow'.

  4. Build flow on the canvas. When you enter the sub-flow, it would look like this. Here you can continue building your chatbot flow by clicking on “+”.

  5. For instance, you can add the send message block in the sub-flow and so on...

  6. You can navigate back to other flows by using the home or the flow names visible here.

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