Channel Configurations

With ReplyCX, you can deploy a bot on various channels including:

  1. Website

  2. Facebook

  3. WhatsApp

  4. SMS

To successfully implement a chatbot on your website, Reply CX's code snippet should be integrated into the tag of a reusable component such as the header/footer.

Doing so will ensure that visitors to any page on your site can access and interact with it seamlessly.

  1. Go to ‘Channel Configuration’.

  2. Under Web channel, click on 'Configuration'.

  3. Enter the domain address where you would like to add the chat widget.

We have a domain restriction logic that only allows the chat widget to appear on the domain that you have entered on the ‘Website URL’ field.

  1. Copy the code snippet and add it to any reusable component of your website’s HTML file like header/footer.

  2. If you’ve followed these steps, the chat widget will be visible on your website. Simply deploy a bot and see your customer interactions get automation at scale.

If you still don't see a chat widget on your website, it must be due to the following reasons:

No bot is created No bot is turned on No bot is created for the ‘Web Channel’

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