Function of Condition Action Block:

Condition action block allows you to move to different paths of the conversation flow based on the conditions that are defined.

It gives you the ability to create multiple branches based on certain conditions, which have their own conversation flows.

Use case scenarios:

Following are few scenarios in which the branch action block can be used:

  • Let’s say you want to separate the flows for visitors speaking from developed countries vs developing countries.

  • When you want to branch the flow based on a keyword or phrase that the visitors have provided.

About Operators:

Operators are constructs which behave like functions and are used for comparison and logical conditions. Using operators in the branch action block allows you to compare the defined values with variables and accordingly navigate your visitors through the flow.

Types of Operators:

There are various operators that are supported by ReplyCX:

Adding a Condition:

  1. You can add the condition by clicking on the '+ Condition'. Search for the "Condition" action block and select it.

  2. Here you can customize the block as per your choice. Click on '+ Condition' to add new condition.

The maximum number of condition that you can add is 10.

  1. You can rearrange the branches by clicking and holding the up and down arrows.

  2. You can delete a branch by clicking on the trash icon.

Define the condition:

Click on condition to open the configuration window. You can configure the following details once the panel opens up.

  1. Variable: Click on the 'Variable' to open the drop-down list of the defined variables and select the variables based as per your preference.

  2. Operator: Click on 'Operator' to open the drop-down list of available operators and select the operator.

  3. Value: Define the value with which the variable value will be compared with. Here you can enter multiple values by hitting enter and they will be displayed as a chip.

Choosing conditions:

You can select either of the conditions from Any or All.

Any: System will route the visitors through this branch if any of the condition is met or holds true. All: System will route the visitors through this branch if all the conditions are met or holds true.

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