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About Chat Widget:

It is a small icon typically visible on the bottom right/left corner of your screen that works as a trigger point to initiate the conversation with the bot/human.

Customizing the look of the Chat Widget:

You can customize the look of the chat widget as per your preference.

ReplyCX provides various options to customize the chat widget and make it more attractive as per their preference.

Below we have explained how the look of the chat widget can be changed with ReplyCX.

Changing the appearance of the chat widget:

To access the appearance screen:

  1. Click on 'Channel Configuration' on the left menu panel.

  2. Click on the down arrow near 'Web' section to see the available options. Click on 'Appearance'.

    1. Widget Icon: You can now have your own widget icon that will appear on your webpage / website. Click on ‘Upload an image’ to change your bot widget icon.

    2. Header Text:

      This option allows the users to name the bot.

    3. Header Logo:

      This option allows the user to have the profile image for the bot. This allows the user to set the photo that best suits the name of the bot.

    4. Bot Icon:

      Users will be able to set the bot icon that will be visible to the visitors.

    5. Hint Text:

      This option allows the users to set the text they would like to show to their visitors.

    6. Accent Color: This option allows users to set the color of the bot & provides them the option to choose the color that complements their brand color on their website. Users can also set the colors of the font and match with their primary colors.

    7. Chat Widget Position: You can change the position of the chat widget & set it either on the right or left depending upon your preference. ReplyCX provides the option “Chat Interface Position” to set the chat widget either on the bottom left of the screen or bottom right of the screen.

  3. Notifying visitors when they receive a message from bot: With ReplyCX, users do not have the option to turn on / turn off the notification sound however we do recommend our users to keep this on since the sound will support the bot to get better engagement and grab visitor’s attention.

  4. Tick / Untick to enable or disable the message sent sound.

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