Clone a bot

Want to save time when creating customer service bots? ReplyCX offers a simple solution: with just one click, you can clone an existing bot for multiple channels!

As many businesses are discovering, the same bot cannot be leveraged across every channel. Dedicating time to build and deploy bots for each individual platform can quickly become a taxing endeavor.

To ensure seamless transition between channels, we provide a service that allows for bots to be cloned from one platform and integrated into another.

  1. In 'Bot Builder' section, hover the mouse on the bot which you want to clone.

  2. Click on the three dots to see list of actions that can be performed.

  3. This is the list of actions which you can perform on your bot.

    You can clone your chatbot for the following channels:

    1. Web

    2. Facebook Messenger

    3. WhatsApp

    4. SMS

  4. Once you have selected the channel of your choice, the bot will be cloned and it will be displayed with a prefix 'Copy of' in it's name.

Points to remember:

  • As you set up your channel, remember that every platform has its own unique advantages and constraints. Keep these in mind for the optimal experience!

  • Despite similarities, each channel has its own distinct characteristics. Because of this, certain action blocks may not be suitable for use on all platforms; it is necessary to swap out incompatible ones with more compatible alternatives.

  • For example, while Buttons are available on the web channel, they cannot be utilized with WhatsApp. If a user is transferring their bot to this platform, then all associated action blocks must first be replaced by an Options block as it is compatible across channels.

  • Upon cloning and opening the bot, compatibility warnings appear if any non-compatible action blocks are present - letting users know it's time to swap out incompatible pieces for something that’ll work.

  • When you affirm your understanding, the canvas will be yours to explore. Look for yellow exclamation marks at the top of action blocks as this indicates a change or support from your chosen channel.

  • Keep your bot running smoothly by quickly identifying and fixing errors with the helpful error bugging button at the top right corner.

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