Reply Button

Leveraging reply buttons simplifies the user's response to a question, providing an enhanced interface with up to three buttons. If additional options are required, it is advisable to employ the Options or List action block.

Setting up the Reply Button block:

  1. Add an action block on canvas by clicking on ‘+’.

  2. Search for the "Reply Button" action block and select it.

Configure the Reply Button action block:

1. Header:

You can keep 3 types of headers in ReplyCX:

  • Text - Shows plain text in the header section

  • Media (Static) - Displays an image,video or gif

  • Media (Dynamic) - Gives ability to display rich media dynamically through the use of variables.

  1. Body:

Can contain any message that is to be displayed to the user.

  1. Footer:

An optional section which displays a text at the end of the message in grey colour.

  1. Button name: You can edit the button name from here, upto 3 reply buttons can be added in a block.

  1. Variable:

Whenever user clicks on a button, the value can be stored in a varaible, and can be used in the chat flow later or for future reference.

NOTE: This feature will only work if link tracking is enabled.

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