ReplyCX provides ‘Codeblock’ action block, a powerful tool allowing custom functions to be quickly integrated into projects for optimized performance.

Some ways on how it can be used are:

  • Fetching data from databases and rendering them dynamically as buttons, or carousels.

  • Integrations with third-party systems.

Setting up the codeblock:

  1. Add the action block on the canvas by clicking on '+'.

  2. Search for 'Codeblock' and select it.

  3. Configuration on the right panel.

    Click on ‘Codeblock 1’ to open the configuration panel opens on right side of the screen.

    Define the function:

    You can either use the existing functions or create a new function using code (JSON format) in the provided space. You can magnify the code space as well by clicking on 'enlarge' icon at the top right corner.

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