ReplyCX Basics

ReplyCX provides businesses a done-for-you solution to boost their customer acquisition and support. Companies are able to qualify potential leads, automate interactions with customers, all enabled through our no code chatbot builder.

Benefits of ReplyCX:

  • Automate lead generation

  • Scaling your support

  • Answering FAQ

  • Personal HR

  • Booking more appointments

  • Financial Assistant

We offer the following features:

Bot Builder

Create engaging conversations with no programming required. Our easy-to-use chatbot builder features a drag and drop interface, allowing you to craft customized conversation experiences that span the entire customer journey.

Live Chat:

It is an interface where users can monitor all the ongoing as well as the historical conversations handled by the bot and agents.

App Market

ReplyCX provides a variety of third-party app integrations.


It is a dashboard that visualizes the data captured by the bot / agent through a series of conversations in a graphical interface made up of cards. These cards can be further expanded to view more details of the card.

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