Send WhatsApp

Send WhatsApp Campaigns to your Customers

This action block allows you to:

  • Send birthday reminders.

  • Promotional messages to a group of prospects/customers etc.

  • Feedback surveys.

  • Appointment booking confirmation.

  • and a whole lot more…

Setting up the block and configurations:

  1. Start by adding the action block on canvas.

  2. Click on Send WhatsApp 1 block to open configuration panel on right side of the screen.

  1. Before setting up the block, you need to configure the WhatsApp channel. Go to Channel Configurations -> WhatsApp.

    1. API Configuration: Click on +WhatsApp Configuration to configure the WhatsApp API then, fill the following details:

    2. Template Messages:

      • 'Add’ and ‘Remove’ the templates.

      • Status of the templates created, refresh status.

      • Preview of the message template.

  2. After all the configurations are done, go back to your outbound bot to further continue the configuration of the following details:

    1. Configure WhatsApp Number: Choose the configured WhatsApp number from which the WhatsApp message and the campaigns will be sent.

    2. Click on the 'To' field to assign the visitor contact numbers.

      This dropdown list shows you all the variables which are available in your account. Choose the variable which contains the phone number of people you want to reach out.

    3. Choose template: Choose a 'Template message' from the list (You can also create a new template message by clicking on the 'Create template' button).

    4. Preview of how the message will look like.

    5. Track links in this message: Enables link tracking on the message.

If you find the dropdowns empty, it means that you have not configured the WhatsApp Business API on ReplyCX. To enable this API, head over to Channel Configuration → WhatsApp and configure your WhatsApp Business API.

You can contact our sales team to purchase a WhatsApp Business API

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