Carousels are used to display a set of cards that represent something. It can be anything, from a set of products or services that you offer.

ReplyCX offers two types of carousels:

  1. Image Carousels: When you just want to show a set of images in a card, not requiring any input to move forward.

  2. Carousels: Cards with details about it and CTA buttons to take the next step.

Applications of Carousels:

  • Displaying a set of products or services

  • Allowing the visitors choose from a variety of options

  • Give an image for a button

  • Showing a set of image

Setting up Carousels:

Here the process of setting up a ‘Carousel’ has been described with a set of 3 cards.

Step 1: Add '+' in the canvas and select ‘Carousel’.

Step 2: Search for the 'Carousel block and select it.

Step 3: Click on Carousel to configure it.

Step 4: Adding a Card: Click on the '+ Card' to add a card.

Step 5: Configuring the card: Click on the 'Card' to configure the following:

  1. Card Image

  2. Card Name

  3. Card Description

  4. Buttons: Carousel supports two type of buttons:

    • Call to Action: Decide the next set of action or flow visitor will to be navigated.

    • URL Button: Configure the URL where you would like to navigated the visitor.

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