Types of Integrations

With ReplyCX, you have the ability to integrate your bot with different third-party applications to either pull the information or push the information collected by the bot. There are various ways through which the integration with ReplyCX is possible.

Native Integrations:

Using App Market, you can now integrate ReplyCX with the available tools for the free flow of the information and being readily available to your visitors.

Service Call:

REST API is an interface that two-tools use to exchange information securely between them. Using our Service call action block, you can integrate your bot to push or pull information with any third-party tool that supports REST APIs.

Custom Integrations:

ReplyCX also offers the option to its users to work with the technical team in regards to setting up the custom integration with the third-party tool for free flow of information if they are not able to set it up either through App market or Service Call block.

Since this would be out of scope and requiring additional manpower, this would be chargeable. The charges will depend on scope of work and additional efforts required in setting up the integration. For the charges related queries, you can contact our sales team.

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