Calendly is an efficient appointment-booking powerhouse that allows customers to quickly and effortlessly view your available time slots, streamlining the often tedious process of setting meetings. With a few clicks, you can provide clients with easy access to engaging discussions!

Thereby, eliminating all the effort involved in the logistics of setting up a time slot and sending out the calendar invites.

Setting up the block:

  1. Add the action block on canvas by clicking on ‘+’.

  2. Search for 'Calendly' action block and select.

  3. Click on 'Calendly 1' to configure the block.

  4. Configure the success message by clicking on the green plus icon.

  5. You can add a 'Send message' block under success message to continue flow of bot.

  6. You can also configure the failure message by clicking on red plus icon.

  7. You can add any action after failure message to specify failure reasons.

  8. Click on Send message block under the success branch to configure it.

  9. Type in the message that you want to display in the success message block.

  10. Click on the Send message block under the failure branch to configure it.

  11. Type in the message you that want to display in the failure message block.

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