Elements on conversation card

The live chat screen keeps user conversations organized with a comprehensive list based on their status. From individuals to multiple interactive dialogues, users can quickly and easily access any topic of discussion at the same time.

Elements in conversation:

There are several elements which together, make up the conversation list:

Unique visitor ID:

ReplyCX provides personalized service for returning visitors, recognizing each guest with a unique ID when they come back.

By capturing visitors' names, the bot replaces numerical visitor IDs with real identities to create a more personal connection.

Last Message: It displays the details of the last message in conversation between the bot and visitor.

Conversation start time: It provides insights on when the conversation started with the visitor.

Conversation owner: The owner of the conversation can either be bot or an agent.

Online status: It indicates whether the visitor is online or offline.

A green dot signals that a visitor is actively engaged on the website, while a grey one indicates they have left. Keeping an eye out for those dots allows you to monitor your site's activity in real-time!

Offline Status:

Channel Information:

It provides an insight about visitor interaction with the bot along with channels such as Web, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

SLA Timer: It displays the time since the visitor initiated conversation with the bot.

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