Image Carousel

Showcase multiple images in a dynamic, easy-to-navigate carousel with the Image Carousel. Give users an engaging visual experience by personalizing and highlighting key content.

The card is the perfect way to display a collection of images with no need for any further action from your audience.

Displaying a set of products or services

  • Displaying a set of products or services

  • Gallery of images

  1. Let's start by clicking on ‘+’ to add the action block on the canvas.

  2. Search for "Image Carousel" block and select it.

  3. Click on Image Carousel 1.

  4. You can upload an image of your choice that you would like to display to the visitors by clicking on ‘Upload Image’.

    Following are the list of supported file extension for image:

    1. .JPG

    2. .JPEG

    3. .PNG

We recommend you to upload compresses images (up to 5 MB) in order to improve the load time of the images on the chat widget

  1. You can check the upload status of your image as well as the size of the image uploaded.

  2. To add more images, click on '+ Add Image' button. You can display up to 10 images at a time

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