Using a test WhatsApp Business API account

Generally, the process of getting a WhatsApp Business API is quite lengthy.

So, if you are looking to test your WhatsApp Business API instantly or you want to test it for your superiors and stakeholders, follow the below-mentioned steps to get a test account to try your chatbot on WhatsApp.

  1. Send a 'Start' message , to 360Dialog Sandbox.

  2. Copy the API key received on reply on sending the 'Start' text.

  3. Now go to 'Channel configuration → WhatsApp → Configuration' and create a new configuration.

  4. Enter the 'Phone Number'.

    Here you will need to enter the 360Dialog - Sandbox number.

  5. Select '360Dialog' as 'WhatsApp Business API Provider'.

  6. Select 'Sandbox' as the 'Environment'.

  7. Enter the API key received on the WhatsApp reply.

  8. Click on 'Save' to save the changes.

  9. Now, we have to connect this test account to your WhatsApp chatbot. To do this, go to the bot builder and select the bot you would like to test.

  10. Click on the 'Trigger' action block and choose the sandbox number that we just added, and hit 'Deploy'.

Once your chatbot is deployed, you can now begin testing your chatbot on WhatsApp by sending a message to the 360Dialog - Sandbox number.

Please note that name of account on WhatsApp would remain as '360Dialog' as it is a test account.

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