Display Chat Widget in iFrame

User preference to trigger the bot in a different window:

It might be the scenario where in the web-pages are heavily loaded with the content and for the better visitor’s experience, the user may want to trigger the bot to open up in the new window.

With ReplyCX, the users as per their preference can have the bot trigger in the new tab / window ensuring that current content on the web page is not hidden behind the chat screen.

It is pretty simple and requires minor changes in the code that the user will need to make in-order to have the bot trigger in the different window.

Steps to implement chatbots in different windows:

  1. Enter the URL of your website in “Website URL” where you would like to deploy the bot.

  2. Copy the code snippet.

  3. Replace the script source with the source of your bot in the code snippet. This code renders the chat widget in a defined area on a specific page. Where you add this code on the webpage determines where the chat widget will be embedded.

  4. Copy and paste the code snippet post making changes in the code on those pages of your website where you would like to display the bot.

We recommend having the code copied before the <Body> tag in-order to ensure that the bot triggers as soon as the web page loads.

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