Slider is an interactive way to allow visitors to choose a value from a visual slider.

Applications of the Slider:

  • When Values are to be selected from a range of finite values.

  • To make the conversation more interactive.

Setting up the Slider block:

Step 1: Let's get started by clicking on “+” to add the block on the canvas.

Step 2: Search for "Slider" action block and select it.

Step 3: Configure the block on the right panel.

3.1: Ask Questions: You can write down the question that you want your chatbot to ask the visitors.

3.2: Range: Enter the range values (Minimum to Maximum) which you want to allow the visitor to choose from.

3.3: Step Count: You can enable Step Count by turning on the Switch. Enabling this will move the slider in the increments of the step count.

3.4: Units: Click on Select to view different units for slider values.

Select a unit for the slider values from the drop-down list i.e., $, ‎€, ₹, £, °C. By default, we do not have any unit assigned to the slider.

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