WhatsApp Business API - 360Dialog

WhatsApp Business API is required to perform any automation on WhatsApp. Types of automation you can perform are:

  1. Chatbots to automate incoming messages.

  2. Sending transactional messages via APIs.

  3. Send broadcast messages.

Preparation checklist:

Before you begin the application process to get the WhatsApp Business API from 360Dialog, make sure you have the following available

  1. An active Reply CX subscription plan Only accounts which have a paid plan will be able to set up this process. In case you do not have a paid plan, visit the billing page on the product and purchase one.

  2. Facebook Business Manager Verification: Ensure that your Facebook Business Manager is verified.

  3. WhatsApp Phone Number: You would require a number that can be associated with your WhatsApp Business Account for which you are applying.

Make sure that this number does not have an active WhatsApp account.

(if it does, then delete the account)

The number must be capable of receiving a OTP or a call for a verification procedure

Applying for the WhatsApp Business API:

Now that you are all set to get the WhatsApp Business API, open the following URL and complete the procedure as instructed. https://www.360dialog.com/

You will experience a Facebook pop-up modal taking you through the steps and asking you for the details that you want to keep in your WhatsApp Business Account.

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