Building from URL

We're excited to announce the latest addition to our platform: Chat GPT powered by Open AI. This groundbreaking integration allows users to effortlessly create their own AI Model simply by providing a Website Address or Domain Address. Our advanced bot will diligently crawl through the website, thoroughly scanning all related webpages.

Below are steps to build an AI Model:

  1. Creating an AI Model Go to the ‘AI Studio’ then click on ‘Build an AI Model’ & then select ‘From URL’.

  2. Configuring the Website or Domain

    • Provide the Website URL or Domain address in the space provided

    • Click on ‘Crawl’ & wait for sometime for the APIs to scan the webpages associated with the provided address.

    • ‘Add’ or ‘Modify’ the pages as per your preference and click on ‘Save’ to save the changes.

  3. Training the Model Once the website or domain address is configured, then click on ‘Train’ to train the AI Model.

An Email notification will be sent once the AI Model is trained. It can takes a while to train itself or scan the content based on the number of URLs

  1. Connecting with the bot Once the AI Model is trained successfully, go back to the Bot Builder to build the bot flow. To connect it with the AI Model, use the ‘AI Model’ action block.

To know more about setting up the AI Model Action Block

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